Party of one or party of plenty, you're always welcome at CPF.

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We love meeting folks from across the globe,

We love meeting folks from across the globe, so we took good old Southern hospitality and fused it with the incredible aloha spirit that is Hawai'i, to bring you the best of both worlds.   We hope you will enjoy our products but more importantly, your time spent here with us at Cajun Paradise Farms.  Much aloha, from Don (Kona), Lynda (Lil Lyn) and Jim (Jimbeaux).

Just a few of the beauties found in our gardens

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We have a couple of million bees on our farm as well as a large queen farm, which has been rated as some of the best and healthiest on the island by our local agriculture department.  Many of these queen bees have been and are currently being shipped to the West Coast to help the bee population there.  The good news is they are thriving, bringing the bee population back stronger and even better than before.  Our Beekeeper, John is a genius apiarist and we stand behind him and his work 110%.

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